Top 10 Middle Eastern Spices Cooking Secrets

 | 10/12/2013 |

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Do you want to make your recipes lip-smacking and extra special? Do you want to be known as the best cook in your neighborhood? Well, here’s the chance of a life time. Get all the secret ingredients that the world’s most famous chefs use and conjure up a platter for your guests. This magical mix of popular Arabian, Indian delicacies with the local as well as Middle Eastern spices is sure to steal the hearts of those around. Here are a few tips on using spices in Indian and Mediterranean cuisines.
Tips on Using Indian Spices
Spice laden mutton/chicken stews are the perfect combination for a variety of thread-like idyappams and bowl shaped appams that are made from rice flour. Make flavored biryani rice, piquant prawns and curd based raita. These are sure to be cherished by everyone. Try out the Moplah magic with a revitalizing ragi drink and watch the faces of your customers light up with joy.
The puttus or the rice cakes, which comprise of steamed rice powder and coconut powder, are an absolute delight when eaten with fiery fish curry from Calicut. Use extra cardamoms, mace, pepper, cloves, red chilly powder, whole garam masala and coriander powder to get a fully fledged Indian treat. Make a variety of cottage cheese/paneer dishes such as butter paneer, kadai paneer and stuffed mussles. These are perfect for those who appreciate North Indian zesty food. Savor the Arabian kebabs, kaima/keema, prawn masala, kubos/pita bread- add extra spice and have it your style, your way!
Get Mediterranean Spices Online
Now, you can get awesome spices from the Middle East shipped right across to your residence in a jiffy. Thanks to the internet, you can get them all at incredibly low prices. What’s more is that you can tweak a variety of recipes to suit your taste buds and add these fresh ingredients to heighten the flavor! Why think twice? Place your order for fresh batches of oregano, chili flakes, Malabar peppers, white pepper powder, cardamom, cloves, all-in one spice powders etc and add them to make your culinary extra delectable, appetizing and mouth watering!